Saturday, April 28, 2007

Registry Cleaner? Discover How A Total Newbie Got To The Bottom Of this Little Nest of 'Nasties'

by Terry Pattinson
Is necessary to clean the registry on your computer and if it is, then how do you choose from the 100's out there? Well, let me tell you how I did all this and rejuvenated my computer so it performed like new!

The greater proportion of computer crashes will be caused by one of the following:

1. Computer virus attacking the Windows system 2. Hardware is not compatible with the system or vice-versa 3. Corrupted or overloaded registry

As the first 2 on the list are areas that need to be taken care of by someone with a fair amount of knowledge or experience, I would leave that to the 'specialists', but would add....

In regard to 1 above, as I use a good virus protection software (Mcafee) I have never (touch wood) had a problem in this area. Just a word of advise though. Ensure you keep your virus software up to date. Mcafee has a system that is constantly being updated with the latest info every time I log on to the 'net. I do believe this is vital.

What I have found in regard to 2 above in a few cases was if the hardware had just been installed, and I was suddenly being plagued by all kinds of problems, then I just removed the hardware and contacted the manufacture or representative and in some cases all it took was upgrading the software drivers.

Which brings us to the 'corrupted or overloaded registry'. This is new territory to me but suffice it to say that I probably had never had a computer long enough for this to be a real problem. Until now! My computers always seemed to go out of date so quickly my complaint was always "Mr Salesman, but I just bought this computer 6 months ago, and now you tell me it is out of date!" The rest is history, 15 minutes later I would be the proud owner of the latest and greatest. So no real time for registries to clog up or bog down!

As I said, until now. Recently, (and with a massive sigh of relief) all I had to do was upgrade the computer memory and add another hard-drive and the 8 month old computer seemed as good as new. But with this longevity comes a new problem. My recently rejuvenated computer suddenly (seemed like overnight) began to slow down and even crashed once or twice. On asking the local techie what he thought about all this the immediate reply was "Do you have a registry cleaner installed?" My response? "A what?"

Fast-forward a few days and I now own a registry cleaner called Registryeasy. Interesting why this one was chosen. I was looking through a program called Clickbank and noticed the highest selling Registry Cleaner was Registryeasy. It was also the 2nd on the list sorted by number of searches amongst the approximately 11 000 other items on Clickbank - (See here)

My reasoning?

On an affiliate network like Clickbank to rank at a decent level your initial sales might be good but to get to the top and stay at the top means the product is good and has to have no or very few returns. Therefore the affiliates keep selling and the product rides to the top of the list.

So with this very unprofessional sounding selection system we now find ourselves a few days later and my computer is back to what it was at the time I had the upgrades done. The system is cleaner (less problems on each scan) and with a few other features like fixing problems with the 'start-up' programs and removing 'junk' files etc. I'm very happy. (touch wood!) To invest in a copy of this package for yourself you can go here - " target="_blank">RegistryEasy

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