Monday, April 16, 2007

Best Spam Blocker - How To Lock Email Bandits Out For Good!

by Jennifer L. Wilson

Free Spam blockers, spam blocking software and spam blocking services prevent junk mail from flooding your inbox, but which is the best spam blocker to use to lock out sneaky email bandits for good?

Anti-spam software offers different levels of security. Web based spam blocking applications provide a secure inbox and require senders to initially verify that they aren’t spam bots by clicking a link within an email. An email based spam blocker utility provides protection by using an approved senders list or by using a preset rule wizard.

There are many spam blocking software programs that are effective, the problem lies in set up and maintenance. It takes a lot of time to set up new rules, manually add senders to your spam filter lists, and add senders to your block lists as they come in. Busy computer users just don’t have time to effectively execute all these rules and construct lists.

Therefore, the best spam blocker solution is one that requires the least amount of work and efficiently locks spammers out of your inbox like the Bayesian Spam Filter. This filter is an innovative new type of spam blocking utility that literally learns from your actions and preferences to determine how to treat future emails. It automatically detects and treats emails as spam or allows it to pass into your inbox based upon your historic preferences.

Spam Bandits crawl the net harvesting email addresses where ever they can. You are risking your computer’s security every time you submit your contact information online. The best spam blocker for people who visit forums, shop online or give out their primary email address on a regular basis is a web based spam blocker. Signing up with an online anti spam service allows you to securely distribute your email address how ever you choose. They provide you with a new, secure inbox and protect you from email bandits 24-7.

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