Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Popups - They Can Be Dangerous

by Joel Pearce
Are you sick of having to just log of the net because of those popup's. Close one popup and another five happen to display themselves. Even worse you're kids are on the net and one of those Pornographic ads popup!!
Are you sick of having to just log of the net because of those popups. Close one popup and another five happen to display themselve's. Even worse you're kids are on the net and one of those Pornographic ads popup!!

Believe me I know how it feels!! Popup’s are a form of advertising. Most advertisers’ use popups of a way of getting your attention so they can then redirect you to their web site. They are usually trying to sell you their product or get your email address, so if you happen to give them your email address the individual or company will then in term send you information on their products. This can get very annoying! They tend to just keep sending email after email clogging your inbox with spam.

Popup’s really are one of the most hated entities on the net they are rude and just take up so much of a person’s time. And then comes another form of advertising! The popups sparring partner The pop under. This type of ad just likes to wait till your finished with the web site your using and when you think your done! There it is looking straight at you from your screen. Pop unders are actually a sneaky way of putting a ad in front of you without you even knowing about it. They position themselves behind the window itself so when you close the widow there it is!!

Now popups are not just used for advertising. Unfortunately they can be used for planting ad ware and other types of malware including spyware making them even more dangerous. People will use this to there advantage they will try to gain your personal information. Once this sort of software is installed in your computer they can have access to anything from your tax details to bank accounts and your passwords. So please be careful. Clicking on the x on top of a popup window will not stop people gaining entry to your computer it will actually give the popup the command to install the malware. The key is to stop popups and pop unders from ever appearing.

Now to the topic of preventing popups. There are thousand’s of popup and pop under blockers available on the net. Lets get down to the free versions. Don’t get me wrong if you can’t afford to pay for a good popup blocker at the moment then by all means download a free package. But please remember, “you get what you pay for” The free version’s have trouble blocking pop unders and some popups. Usually it’s the bad popups that they don’t stop. So spend some time to find a good popup blocker. Here is some super advice just for reading my article. Before you pay for anything on the net or if you are thinking of buying a certain blocker and I stress this to everyone I know. Please find out all about the product before you purchase. It’s as simple as using your favourite search engine. One web site I use is called Just type in the product your planning on buying and see what people are saying.

Now it’s your turn to get rid of those intrusive and so annoying popup’s. Keep you and your family happy and safe for a peaceful online experience!!!

Joel Pearce writes on the popup


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