Saturday, April 28, 2007

Free Accounting Software For New Small Businesses

by Amanda M Gladden
A brief review of Microsoft's Office Accounting Express 2007, free software for small business owners.

Once your new business starts generating sales, the need to utilize some type of accounting system becomes very apparent. Many new business owners use pen and paper or Excel spreadsheets to accomplish this task. To make things a lot faster and more efficient, Microsoft has created Office Accounting Express 2007, an easy to use accounting software package. Did I mention that it is FREE?

Software features include:

Online sales integration gives you the ability to sell inventory, track activity, and download orders in online marketplaces such as eBay directly from Office Accounting Express 2007.

Equifax credit service enables you to monitor credit for your business, customers, or prospects.

PayPal integration enables you to get paid faster by offering the PayPal payment option to customers.

Microsoft Office Live integration enables businesses to more securely exchange financial information with accounting Professionals and other contacts.

Accountant Transfer Wizard helps you share data with an accounting Express and synchronizes data easily after the accountant is done updating the books.

Accountant View page provides a central location from which accountants can manage Office Accounting Express 2007 data for multiple clients independently.

Data import enables users to import accounting and financial data from additional programs and versions, including Microsoft Money, Excel, and QuickBooks.

Account and Customer Integration Wizard enables synchronized data sharing so that you can make updates to a customer’s record in one program and quickly see the results in the other program.

Journal entry is now expanded so you can be more productive by creating numerous journal entries posting on different dates and with different accounts.

Forms customization has been improved so you can tailor any form by adding, moving, creating, or renaming fields, and hiding unnecessary data element fields.

Customizable security roles have been improved and now you can add and remove employee permissions to control access to sensitive financial information.

The software is currently available in the U.S.A. and U.K. only and requires Windows 2003/XP. Unfortunately, there is no version currently available for Mac users.

Download your free copy at:

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